Neutrino Energy

NEUTRINO – ENERGY Geschäftsführer/Managing Director Holger Thorsten Schubart

Professor Stephen William Hawking: „Because of the enormous growth of the worlds energy needs, the exchange from non visible spectra of cosmic and sun radiation into electricity is a very important project of mankind of the 21. century, maybe even the most important. Neutrinos are a never ending stream of high energy particles and without any doubt the source of energy of the future…“  

Scientific Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil Günther Krause (Bundesverkehrsminister a. D.), Prof. Dr. Frank Müller,
Prof. Dr. A. Khan, Prof. Dr. Douglas, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl, Prof. Stephen William Hawking, Erwin Wolski, Dipl.-Ing. Markus Schneider, David Abramson, Prof. Le Wang, Samuel Rosen, MinR iR Mag. Gernot Spanninger, Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, Prof. Dr. Vojislav V. Mitic´, Werner Kobbe, Dr. Leonid Rumyantsev, Jack, Armida Hemeling, Edward Myles Chism, Dr. Mosaraf Ali, Prof. Murdoch, Mijo (Milan) Ljubicic, Ufuk Sevinc, Luca Marcante, Prof. Dr. Xi Wu, Reiner (Calli) Calmund, Bernard Hille, Dr.-Ing. Yavuz M. Dedegil, Dr. rer. nat. Josef Martin Gaßner and more prestiqious personalities from science, economy and society:

We humans are made of recycled material plus mainly water and carbon. Our earth is a rock with an atmosphere unique in our system, containing 21 % free oxygen. The sun, 99.9 % of the mass of our solar system, now 4.6 billion years old, will die in about 4 billion years. Meanwhile thermonuclear fusion at its core provides light and energy explaining our presence. Non-renewable energy sources are just that: non-renewable. Solar energy uses infra-red sunlight, about 2 % of the spectrum, insufficient for our requirements. Another energy source from the sun was empirically demonstrated in 1956: Neutrinos, very low mass invisible electrically neutral elementary particles representing roughly 98 % of available solar energy. We salute Takaaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur McDonald of

Canada for their discovery of neutrino oscillations:

winners of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics.

Many groups worldwide are working quietly to harness this energy source. Neutrino Inc. is such a group leading this revolution.

Physik-Nobelpreis für Neutrino-Forschung
Neutrinos sind winzig klein – aber von riesiger Bedeutung
Neutrinos sind die Geisterteilchen des Alls. Forscher gingen lange davon aus, dass sie keine Masse besitzen, doch die diesjährigen Nobelpreisträger konnten zeigen: Das ist nicht der Fall – und das verändert unser Bild des Universums.

Bei den Kernreaktionen im Innern der Sonne entstehen Neutrinos
(Auszug aus dem Bericht von Lea Walz und Miriam Hammer, Stern vom 06.10.2015)


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